Here you will find a description of the functions and components, instructions for working with the chatbot builder and useful stuff.


Getting started

How to get started with the builder and how to make your first bot.


How to pay, change or cancel a subscription.

Bot settings

How to load and unload bot subscribers, open access to the buikder and test the bot.

Platform connection

How to connect a bot to Telegram, Viber, Facebook and Instagram.


Text formatting options, adding emoji, character limits.


Types of buttons, their differences and settings.


How to send Image, Audio, Video, Document and Geolocation to the user.

Other components

How to configure Rewind, Timeout, RSS, Note and Random component.

Payment systems

How to accept payments inside the bot.

Growth tools

How to set up a welcome message and widget on Facebook.


How to make an instant, scheduled and periodic broadcast in a bot.

Pre-configured components

Pre-prepared components that can be used when creating a bot in the builder

Communication with users

How to set up operator communication with bot users.


Mass tracking of user actions, uploading statistics and dialogs.


View a list of bot users with the ability to sort them by tag, name, platform, and ID.


How to create your own knowledge base in a bot.

Requests and integrations

Sending data from the bot via Zapier or API requests.


Setting up instant notifications from bot users in Telegram or email.


Using changeable values (variables) in a bot.

Variables 2.0 and helpers

Using helpers for calculations, comparisons, enumeration and other tasks inside the bot.

Regular expressions

A convenient way to describe text templates in order to validate user input.


Additional bot scripts that run independently of the main script.


Ready-made solutions for common tasks.

Problem solving

Reasons for stopping, blocking and difficulties in saving the bot.