How to create your first bot

Let's create our first bot for Telegram.

1. Add a bot on the Main page by clicking on the "Create a bot" button.

2. Choose an empty template.

3. Drag the Message component to the Start screen from the Components section. Write some text, such as "Hello, World!". Save the changes.

4. Open the @BotFather bot in Telegram and send it the command /newbot.

5. Submit a name for your new bot. The name will be displayed in contacts and chats.

6. Create a username for the bot and submit it. The bot can be found in Telegram by username.

7. Then @BotFather will send you a bot token. Copy it.

8. Insert the token in the bot settings in the builder. Save the changes.

9. Find your bot and write the command /start to it. It should send you a message from the Start screen. It's done!