Telegram payments

Component Payments in Telegram works only for payments on the Telegram platform.

Setting up in test mode

1. Drag Payments in Telegram component to screen.

2. Go to the @Botfather bot in Telegram and give the command /mybots. After that, go to the desired bot, select Payments.

3. To set up payments in test mode, select YooKassa, than Connect YooKassa Test.

4. Follow the instructions to get shopId and shopArticleId.

5. Go back to @Botfather and get a test token, which you copy and paste into Telegram provider token settings field in the constructor.

6. Fill in all the empty components fields:

  • Specify the good title.
  • Specify the good description.
  • Specify the payment assignment.
  • Select a currency.
  • Specify the price.
  • Select the screen to which the user will be transferred after a successful payment.
  • Specify the name of the variable in which the user's data will be written.
  • You can upload an image of the goods or specify a link to the image. The image can be in jpg or png format. The component will be loaded and will come to the user regardless of the presence of the image.

7. Save the bot. The first product has been added. Try to make several test payments.

To get a real token, go to @Botfather and after /mybots command, select your bot. In Payments tab, select the Connect YooKassa Live. After that, follow the prompts to get the token. Copy and paste it into Payments in Telegram component.

The payment history is displayed in Telegram payments section.