Instant broadcasting

Users get Instant broadcast immediately.

Broadcasts sent 3 months ago or earlier are permanently deleted from Completed section.

Interaction of the chat with the human agent and broadcast

If you enable End open chats, all chats with users will be closed and the broadcast will be sent to all users, even those who had a chat with the operator open. If End open chats is not enabled, users who have a chat with the operator open will receive the broadcast only after the chat is closed.

Sent data type

You can send a screen Instead of text. To do this, select the Type of the sent data: Screen and select the desired screen from the drop-down list.

Broadcast to selected users

To send a broadcast to specific users, in Send Broadcast section, select Selected Users, then select recipients manually or with Select File button.

To import, you need to create a CSV table.

The CSV file must be in UTF-8 encoding.

In the uploaded table, user IDs should be written in one column, the title can be of any kind. User IDs can be in quotes or without them.

You can only upload users who had previously written to the bot.

In this case, you need to select one platform for broadcasting, otherwise the option will not be available.

To send broadcast to tags, in Broadcast recipient section, select Users with selected tags and select the necessary tags in the opened window that. By selecting exclusionary tags, you can exclude users with these tags from the broadcasting list.

To send a broadcast to a tag, this tag must be assigned to at least one user.

With Send button, you can send a broadcast to all users on the selected platforms.

Active, completed, scheduled and periodic broadcasting is displayed in Broadcasting history.

View the completed broadcasts types

To view the Broadcasts, External and Trigger events separately in the active and completed events section, you need to check the checkbox next to the desired type of broadcast. If none of the filters is selected, then all types of broadcast will be in the list.

Broadcasts drafts

You can save drafts of the broadcasts as a text or a selected screen.

The draft may specify labels, excluding labels, users (if the broadcast is intended for individual users), the broadcast type and the platforms to which the broadcasts will be sent.

After clicking Save draft button, a new draft of the broadcast list will appear in Drafts section.

Broadcasts drafts can be duplicated, edited, or deleted using the buttons in Actions subsection.

To send a Broadcast from a Draft, click Edit, then Send.

Deleting unsent broadcasts

Instant broadcasts are sent with a minute delay. If you notice an error in the broadcast after it had been sent, you can delete the broadcast that has not been sent yet in Actions column. You can also delete a delayed or periodic broadcast.

Errors in broadcasts

If the broadcast was sent with errors, the number of errors and an active link "View errors", which will lead to the broadcasts.

Logs, will appear in the Completed broadcasts.

Broadcasts logs contain detailed information not only about errors, but also about the broadcast as a whole: the beginning, the end of the broadcast, platforms, labels, etc.

Through the Broadcasts Logs subsection, you can view errors and information on any broadcasts by selecting it or finding it in the broadcast id search in the Completed Broadcasts list.

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