You need Dialogues section to view correspondence and communicate with users.

Use Chat component to implement communication between the user and the manager in the bot.

All the users who wrote to the bot are on the left. If a specific user is selected, the history of this user's correspondence with the bot will be displayed on the right.

Messages from users are stored for 90 days, earlier ones are deleted.

The dialogues in the list are sorted from earlier to later.

If all dialogues are not displayed, scroll down the page to load all users.

If this did not happen, you need to change the browser zoom and scroll down again.

Files received by Fork, User input, and File event are displayed as an active link in the dialog with the user. After clicking on the link, the file download will begin.

In the upper left part of Dialogues section, above the list of users, you can search each user by name, turn on the sound notification of messages, close all open chats, view the list of blocked users, you can also unblock them there.

At the bottom is the operator's message input field, where you can also open Users, the user with whom the chat is selected, block this user, stop the chat with the operator, transferring the user to a dialogue with the bot.

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