Statistics section

In this section, you can track user actions in the bot. For example, how many users wrote to the bot, how many users were on the screens with tags, how long the dialogues with the bot took, how user activity was distributed during the day, etc.

At the top, you can select platforms and the period for which statistics will be displayed.

Tags section displays the tags and the number of people who have them installed.

In Users section, you can see:

1. Unique user conversations.

2. The average number of conversations per user in the selected period.

3. The number of users who wrote to the bot at least once during the selected period.

4. The average time of one conversation in the selected period.

5. The average number of messages of the user and the bot in one conversation in the selected period.

6. The number of new users for the selected period and the total number of users in the bot database.

Further, on the graph you can see the activity of users in the bot by the time zone of the bot.

Using the links at the end of the section, you can export:

1. CSV statistics for the selected period.

2. CSV statistics for all time.

3. User dialogs with the bot for all the time.

4. Link click statistics. To collect these statistics, check the box “shorten links” in the components.