Variable name

How to compose a variable name

We recommend writing variables without spaces, in Latin letters, numbers and with underscores. We do not recommend using spaces, emojis, hyphens and other punctuation marks. In no case should there be a dot in the variable name, because the dot is needed to work with properties, lists and objects.

To compose a variable from several words, you need to bring it to one of the types:

  1. userPhone is a camel-like way when individual words are glued together, but each next word is written with a capital letter.
  2. user_phone is a snake-like way when individual words are separated by a lower dash symbol.

For convenience, you can shorten words in long variables, for example, usPh.

Common mistakes in naming a variable

last_request, this_user are default variables. Writing new values to the default variables can easily disrupt the entire work of the bot. You can work with them, but you cannot change User Input, Record, Fork using the components.

sum, text are actions and types. In this case, the data is often written incorrectly, because the bot perceives these values as an action with variables or a data type.

var 1 is a name with a space. The variable won't be recorded, and you won't be able to work with it in the future.

cyrillic — variables named in non-Latin letters, most often don't work.

You need to use User Input, Assign Variable, Assign variables and Fork to write variables.