Assign a variable (deprecated)

To write a value to a variable without user input, you need to use Assign a variable component.

Standard options

{{\null}} — empty value.

{{\true}} —true value of the logical data type.

{{\false}} — false value of the logical data type.

{{\object}} — empty object.

{{\array}} — empty array.

{{\zero}} — 0.

Set up component

1. Add Assign a variable component to the desired screen.

2. In Name field, enter the name of the variable.

3. You can also write your own value to the variable. To do it, you need to specify it in the appropriate field.

Writing to a variable

To write the values of other variables to a variable, you need to add Assign a variable or Fork component.

In the variable name input field, we write the name of the new variable, in the value field we write the variables in the form {{var1}} {{var2}}. The value outside the brackets will be written as text.

To transfer lines between variables, you need to write them in the form {{var1}}{{\n}}{{var2}}, where {{\n}} is the transfer sign.