Trigger event

Trigger Event allows you to send a message or a screen to users after a certain time from assigning a Tag to them. For example, a user receives screens with some news or offers in a few minutes, hours or days after entering the bot Start screen.

You need to assign a Tag to the user to make Trigger Event work. The triggering time of the event is counted from the moment when the Tag is assigned.

Trigger Event works for settings of 1 minute or more. If you need a less pause, use Timeout.

Trigger Event for one tag is triggered only once, so before a new Trigger Event test, the tag must be removed and reassigned. You can do this manually in the Users section by removing the user tag. Alternatively, you can add a removing component of the tag before assigning it, so that when the scenario is completed, the tag is removed and assigned automatically. In this case, Trigger Event will be triggered every time.

To create Trigger Event, go to Settings → Events and click Add event. Enter the event Name and select the TypeTrigger Event.

In the Properties, specify Tag Name, Time (numeric value) and Unit of Time Measurement.

In the Action, specify Type — select whether any Screen or Text will be sent to the user after the event is triggered.

The Schedule to send setting will be active only if you set Days, Weeks or Months in time units.

For example, if you select the "Days" Time Unit, Trigger event can be sent at a certain time.

Trigger will come on the same day if you specify 0, if the shortcut is set before the send time and the next day, if the shortcut appeared to the user after the specified send time in Trigger Event settings.

If you set up Trigger Event for a period of 1 day or more, you can also schedule sending. For example, if you set up Trigger event after 1 day at 19:00, it will trigger the next day at 19:00 after the user enters the screen with Tag.

You can use up/down arrow navigation to move the event.

To delete a Trigger Event, click on the Delete Button.