The File event is triggered by a file sent by the bot user.

Supported formats: jpg, png, json, mp3, mp4, docx, pdf, tiff.

The pdf and docx files uploaded via Viber are downloaded without an extension. To open the file, you need to add the extension (.pdf, .docx) manually after downloading.

To create a File, go to Settings ➝ Events and click Add Event. Enter the Name of the event and select TypeFile.

In the Properties, specify the Name of the variable where the file will be written. You can leave this field empty, then the file will be written to the default variable.

Files from users fall into the variables of a specific user (Users section), are stored for 7 days, then disappear beyond recovery. If you need access to the files received in the bot for a period of more than 7 days, then all files must be saved on your device.

In Properties, check or uncheck the checkbox for Priority over other events. This is necessary for the event to trigger when the user is on a component waiting for file input (Fork, User Input). If the checkbox is active, an event will be triggered after the file sent to the bot. If the checkbox is not active, the user will be taken to the next screen according to the scenario.

In the Action, specify the Type — select whether any Screen or Text will be sent to the user when the event is triggered.

You can use up/down arrow navigation to move the event.

To delete an event, click the Delete button.