Problems with saving the bot

You cannot save the bot, an error appears when saving

In any case, do not reload or close the page while saving. Thus, you can remove the existing bot content.

  1. Check that all required fields are filled in. There should be no emptiness in the mandatory texts.
  2. Buttons, Navigation buttons, Buttons for Viber must necessarily lead to the screens.
  3. Check that the connection parameters to the platforms are filled in correctly.
  4. If the bot is linked to Facebook platform, make sure that there are no more than three buttons in Buttons component. This is a limitation of the platform, for more buttons, use Buttons with hints.

Save button doesn't work

The builder takes up a lot of resources in the browser, so sometimes the browser may hang. Unfortunately, you can do nothing with this: you need to open the next tab with the builder and make changes from the last save.

To avoid such an error, we recommend to save the bot every 10-15 minutes or every 3-5 Screens. Thus you can quickly find errors and you don't lose unsaved data.

Save button is spinning without stopping

  1. Check the stability of the network connection.
  2. If the network is stable and the saving lasts more than 5 minutes, try to enter the bot in the next tab. If the bot is displayed in the tab, reload the tab. If the bot doesn't disappear after the reboot, close the tab with saving and edit it in a new tab. Save the bot as often as possible.
  3. If the bot is missing, write to the support chat or to and do not close the tab with the saved bot, because this may disrupt the saving process and the bot may disappear.