The bot or account is blocked

For exceeding the requests number

This error occurs when the bot is looping. Examples of a looping bot:


To fix it, you need to check the chains so that the bot does not perform a continuously repeating cycle of screens.

There should not be more than one Forward on the screens.

If you are using Buttons with hints, use Fork after it.

In some cases, the limit for components looping is reached not on the screen where the looping occurred, but further in the bot. In fact, the bot stops on the screen with no errors.

This happens because some of the components are executed on one screen, and others are executed on another screen. In general, 100 components are executed in one cycle. The bot is blocked upon reaching the components.

Therefore, if the bot is blocked on the screen with a small number of componentswithout visible looping errors, check the previous screens to identify the number and the place from which the components are executed in one update.

The limits of looping components can be increased by contacting support if you are sure that there is no looping in the bot and you need more components per message.

After eliminating the looping, open the General Settings section, turn on the platform and make a save so the bot works again.

After performing these steps, the bot will be functional again and ready for use. Don't forget to monitor its operation and regularly check for errors to avoid repeated looping.

For violating the user agreement

The offer with the rules is located at:

If you think that you don't violate the offer and you shouldn't be blocked, write to us by email In the letter, be sure to specify the registration email address for repeated verification.