Main menu

Main menu is used to quickly navigate to specific screens in the bot, no matter where the user is. The menu works only on Telegram and Facebook.

In Telegram, Main menu commands are displayed to the left above the input line. A user can access them, whatever screen he works on. You can see the created commands after pressing the menu symbol / or icon on the keyboard (may vary by device).

On Facebook commands are to the right of the input line if you expand the menu icon with three stripes.

Creating a menu

1. Go to Settings ➝ Main menu.

2. Click Add a menu item button.

3. Write the command, it should be written in Latin and lowercase letters. The command can have up to 32 characters.

4. Write the command title in any language. Its maximum length should be from 3 to 256 characters.

5. Select the screen the user forwards to when he enters the command.

6. Save the bot.

To delete a command, click on the cross to the right of the created command and make a save. If the command has not been deleted, send /set commands to @Botfather, select the desired bot from the list and send /empty. Restart the dialog with your bot and check that all commands have been deleted.

Menu commands, like all other commands starting with a slash, for example /start, automatically close the chat with the operator if it was open.

This is how the created menu looks in Telegram:

This is how the created menu looks on Facebook:

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