One-time trigger event

To make one, wewill need ready-to-use Menu and Section screens which trigger an event when opened.

1. Duplicate the Section screen. Rename it to Section Copy to avoid confusion.

2. Add a Tag component to the duplicate screen.

3. Create a new Section Fork screen. Is is used to check if the user has visited the Tag screen. Fork can't tell if there is a Label but it works with variables.

4. Add Assign a variable component above the Tag in the Section Copy screen. Set trigger variable to ok. You can give the variable any name you want.

5. On Section Fork checking screen, set value {{trigger}} to trigger variable.

6. Add fork to the check screen. Target Value is set to ok, Data Type to Text, Transition to the Screen is set to Section. Default Target is Transition to Screen — Section Copy.

7. Change Section to Section Fork from the menu.

The trigger will now fire only once, even if you later delete user Tag.

Open the image in a new tab to enlarge it.

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