Private authorisation by email

Generating random password

First, make a random numeric password with Assign a variable component. We use random helper which sets the variable to a random number in the interval between two specified numbers. A unique number stored in the same variable will be assigned to each user. Set password variable.

Sending the password

Randomly generated password must be delivered. To do this, we ask the user to specify their email. The user’s email is set to a variable with a Fork: Data Type is Regular expression, Target Value is email domain.

Add Alert component to output {{password}} variable. Specify the variable to be set with user’s email in Recipient’s Email field. Also specify which screen the user will be taken after inputting the email.

To send the password to any mail, select Email in the Data type in the Fork goal settings, leave the Value field blank.

Password verification

Password verification is implemented with a Fork.

Add a Target. Set Data Type field to Text and write {{password}} to the Value field.

Set up transition to a screen with password verification using Default Target. If user enters the password incorrectly, they will be taken back to the password verification screen. If desired, text can be added before the transition.

If you have one password for everyone, it is sufficient to write it in the target and ask to enter it.

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