GPT OpenAI request

The GPT OpenAI request component sends a text from the user to GPT and sends a response from the neural network to the bot.

Component configuration

1. From the Components section on the right panel, drag or double-click Request to GPT OpenAI to the desired screen.

2. In Access token, add the OpenAl token. You can get it in your Open Al personal account.

If OpenAl is not available in your country, use a VPN service.

3. In the Prompt field, add the text that goes to GPT. In order not to change the text in the component every time, you can output the variable in which the user text was previously written. You can record it using User Input or Fork.

4. By clicking on the Request to GPT OpenAI component, open the settings and set the Variable name for the response.

The response from GPT falls into a variable, we can output it in the text in double curly brackets.

5. If necessary, configure the successful and erroneous request screens.

6. The number of the Max quantity of used tokens can be left by default or changed for a shorter or more detailed answer. The minimum value is 16, the maximum value is 4000.

7. Set the Variable name for the full response if you need to get a full response from GPT. It is not necessary to fill in this variable.

8. You can add Rewind or buttons that will lead to the same screen, so that after the response from the neural network, you do not need to restart the screen manually.

9. Don't forget to save.

Now everything you send to the bot will get into GPT. The response from GPT will also come to the bot.

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