Pre-configured components

Pre-configured components are pre-prepared components that can be used repeatedly when creating a bot in the builder.

You can save time and effort and not create duplicate components individually each time, but simply select them from pre-configured components in the place of the bot where it is needed.

If you change a pre-configured component, it will automatically change it throughout the bot where it is used.

That is, you can configure the component only once, connect it in several places and change it in one place.

The following components can be pre-configured:

  • Fork
  • Buttons
  • Buttons with hints
  • Request
  • Image
  • Document


1. Go to the Pre-configured Components section and add the component that you will use next. This can be done by clicking Add component under the name of the desired component.

2. Configure the component you added.

3. Give the pre-configured component a name so that it can be found when added to the constructor.

4. Go to the Constructor section, add the same component that you pre-configured to the screen. For example, if you have pre-configured Buttons, add Buttons in the constructor.

5. Open the component settings, then expand the Pre-Configuration properties drop-down list. Everything that you reconfigured for a particular component should be in this list.

This means that only pre-configured Buttons will be in the list in the Button settings, only images will be in the list of pre-configured Images, etc.

6. From the drop-down list, select the desired pre-congigured component by name.

7. Click Redefine properties and tick the desired properties.

8. The Configure button will take you back to the Pre-Configured Components section, where you can edit or add components.

9. Don't forget to save the bot after the changes.

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