About payment plans

There are 4 plans in Botmother: 3 paid (Start, Advanced and Professional) and one free (Test). You can make 1, 5, or 10 bots, respectively, on paid plans.

Пробный период включается автоматически при создании нового аккаунта и действует 14 дней. В это время бот будет отвечать всем пользователям, которые напишут боту.

Пробный период не распространяется на боты, которые были перенесены на новый аккаунт и у которых пробный период истёк на прошлом аккаунте.

All plans are on a subscription basis with monthly or annual renewal. You can cancel automatic payments at any time before the payment date.

You can test the builder before subscribing using the test plan.

A test plan is a free plan where you can create bots and learn and test new features. Bots on the test plan are limited by the number of users. All new Botmother users are able to use the test plan for 14 days, with no limits on users. Starting from the 15 day, the test plan will only work for testers.

A test bot is a bot that you can create on the test plan to learn the full functionality of the chatbot builder. Test bots will only work for testers.

A tester is a bot user who does not use up the limited number of actions per day. A bot can have a total of 5 testers. You can assign a user as a tester in the User States section.

You can learn more about the plans and compare them on the Payment Plans page.