The component sends an image to the user.

Give the image file a name in Latin letters, one word and no spaces. Otherwise the image may not load or display.

The maximum size of the uploaded image is 5 MB. But the smaller the size, the faster the picture is loaded, optimally — no more than 1 MB. The total width and height of the photo should not exceed 10000 pixels. The ratio of width and height should not be more than 20 to 1.

There are limits on the number of uploaded files (image, audio, document) per account:
  • A trial plan allows to upload no more than 100 files of all types to all bots on the account. The total size of the files should not exceed 100 MB.
  • On the Advanced plan, you can upload no more than 2500 files of all types to all bots.
  • On the Professional plan, you can upload no more than 5000 files of all types to all bots.

In Telegram, the name of the image is displayed under the image itself. On other platforms, the name comes above the picture. Image title field can hold up to 1024 characters on all platforms, except Instagram, which supports 537 characters, if the text is larger, it will come abbreviated.

You can drag an image into a component from the screen of your device, select an image from the file system, or load a link to a file into the component.

There may be a variable in place of the file link. The main condition is that the variable value is a link to the file. This can be either last_request or an image sent by the user.

The link must contain a link to the image, such as follows:

You can specify the target platform or suspend the execution of the component.

Activate the "Hide under the spoiler" checkbox to hide an image in Telegram. This function allows a user to see the picture only after he clicks on it.

Protected content

Image component supports the content protection function in Telegram. With Protect Content checkbox active in the component settings, the user will not be able to copy and forward the image sent by the bot.

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