Audio component sends an audio file in mp3 format to users.

The maximum size of the uploaded audio file is 5 MB.

There are limits on the number of uploaded files (image, audio, document) per account:
  • A trial plan allows to upload no more than 100 files of all types to all bots on the account. The total size of the files should not exceed 100 MB.
  • On the Advanced plan, you can upload no more than 2500 files of all types to all bots.
  • On the Professional plan, you can upload no more than 5000 files of all types to all bots.
Give the audio file a name in Latin letters, one word and no spaces. Otherwise the audio may not load or display.
Please note that WhatsApp supports only ACC codec. If the codec is different, the bot will stop at component Audio.

Configuring the сomponent

From the Components section of the right panel, drag or double-click the Audio component to the desired screen.

After clicking the Choose file button, select the audio file from the file system and load it into the component.

In the Enter URL field, you can output a variable in double curly braces {{var}}.

The main condition is that the variable value is a link to the file. This can be either last_request or a voice message sent by the user.

The link must contain a link to download the audio file.

Protected content

Audio component supports Telegram content protection function. With Protect Content checkbox active in the component settings, the user will not be able to forward the audio message received from the bot.

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