Scheduled broadcasting

A Scheduled broadcast is sent on the specified date and time.

Before setting up thebroadcasting list, it is necessary to synchronize the time on the device from which the message is sent with the time on the Internet. You can do this in your device settings. If the time is not synchronized, the message may not be sent at the time you set when creating the broadcast.

You also need to select your time zone in Settings section.

Broadcasts sent 3 months ago or earlier are permanently deleted from Completed section.

Scheduled broadcast supports automatic closing of chats.

You can send a text or a screen with a delayed broadcast message, send a broadcast to selected users and save broadcast drafts.

In Completed section, you can view the types of completed broadcasts separately and view errors.

The broadcast can be deleted at any time.

Specify the date and time for the sending the broadcast. Otherwise, scheduled broadcasting is set up in the same way as instant broadcasting.

Scheduled broadcast can be edited. But there is an exception — it will not be possible to edit the broadcast if there is a minute or less left before sending the message.

You can change the broadcast by clicking Edit in the Broadcasting history list that appears, then scroll up to the main section of creating broadcasts, make the necessary changes and save.

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