General settings

In the Settings section, you can set options that work according to the entire bot scenario.

Icon — you can select or drag an image for the icon from the device memory.

This avatar will only be displayed in Botmother.

You can change the icon in Telegram by writing to BotFather.

Name and Description from the General Settings will also be visible only on the bot page in Botmother.

In order for the name and description to change inside the platforms, they should be changed according to these platforms rules. For example, in Telegram, you can change the bot name like this.

You can connect the bot to the tariff plan only after payment. If you have several bots in your account, you can disable some bots from the paid mode to enable others.

The number of bots that can be connected to the tariff will correspond to the terms of the tariff plan:

  • Bots cannot be connected to the operating mode on Trial plan.
  • You can connect one bot on Start plan.
  • You can connect up to 5 bots on Advanced plan.
  • You can connect up to 10 bots on Professional plan.

Bot category — you can select the category of your bot from the drop-down list. You need this information for our statistics, it does not affect the work of the bot.

Timezone is needed for broadcasts to be sent at the time specified when setting up the broadcast.

We also recommend synchronizing the time on the device you are working on with the time from the Internet. You can do this in the date and time settings on your computer or laptop.

The Duplicate bot button will copy the bot inside the account. Only the bot structure without dialogs and user data is copied when duplicating a bot. You will need to connect platforms and configure Google Sheets, if they were in the bot, again.

The Delete bot button will delete your bot.

Before entering the builder, you can Hide all screens with the button. This will help you load a bot with more screens faster.

Download screens list — the list of screens is downloaded as a csv format table.

This table will contain the name, the screen ID, the number of components on the screen and links to platforms where this screen can be opened.

You can read about the rest of the settings in our Knowledge Base:

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